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Are you in the US, Canada or Europe and need a law firm that specializes in Mexican legal matters? We represent American, Canadian and other foreign citizens who need consultation, advice, or representation in Mexico or concerning Mexican Laws.

When dealing with cross-border issues, the legal landscape can be very challenging due to differences in the jurisdictional system, laws, language, procedure, culture, and legal environment.

Our attorneys and financial experts have experience in their specific areas both in Mexico and the US, therefore understand and are able to explain to the client the differences and similarities between Mexican and American Law in each specific situation.

We have a creative, resourceful, and experienced team when dealing with US and Mexican legal matters. Our dedication and collaborative approach has helped us create a reputation that builds on providing our clients with effective and insightful counsel and representation for their cross-border issues.

We represent both individuals and corporations from the US, Canada and Europe. We strive to help our clients receive a favorable outcome in all of their cross-border legal issues. Whether looking to incorporate invest or buy real-estate property in Mexico, obtain work and family visas, if you’ve been the victim of timeshare fraud, are in need of a personal injury attorney, or require taxing and financial advice with Mexican entities, having experienced professionals in your corner can make all the difference.

Contact us today to get more information about how our extensive experience, coupled with cost-efficient infrastructure, responsible business practices, and a personalized approach can help you find a positive resolution to your cross-border legal issues.

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